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Seep (NFK), concept rendering, 2015

December 15, 2015 - December 15, 2020

I am very excited to be installing Seep (NFK) in the N.E.O.N. District in downtown Norfolk, Virginia this winter. This project is many months in the making, and I would like to thank the wonderful people at the Downtown Norfolk Council and a local condominium board on Granby! (In Chicago, kudos to the work of Lawyers for the Creative Arts.)


Erik L. Peterson is a Chicago-based public artist, sculptor and curator. In concert with the Downtown Norfolk Council (DNC), Riehl Deal Sign Co., LLC, and Over the Edge Co., and the 801 Granby St. Condominium Board, Peterson is creating Seep (NFK) neon sculpture that spans a 90 foot long brick expanse on a converted warehouse building in the N.E.O.N. District in Norfolk, Va. The work lights up as darkness falls, playing with viewers’ eyes, bodies and brains. Dripping slowly down the brick wall, the work is both a sculpture and sign. The shape of the work – a dripping, oozing curtain for a crumbling urban stage – was developed through a meticulous editing process combining and reordering the shapes of real spills and seepages. Here, where water and land meet in downtown Norfolk, both the liquid and the land transgress their boundaries; the sculpture is simultaneously molten and solid, light and form, a living body and a ghost.