Featured Project

Snow Machines
The Snow Machines project is an urban intervention that borrows from the typology of municipal forms (signposts, signpost anchors, and parking meters) and recodes them to construct a new civic space.  Divorced from the bonds of bureaucratic functionality, the powder-coated steel snowball makers designate a slightly subversive space for play (or battle).  Three Snow Machines are installed at The Franklin - one green, one yellow, one red - each bearing instructions describing how to properly use the machine to create a perfectly spherical snowball. Through this subversive act of creation, play, and battle, we reclaim the city.
Opening: Saturday, December 10, 7–10pm

T H E    F R A N K L I N
3522 W. Franklin Blvd, Chicago IL 60624 
Hours: Saturdays 2-5PM and by appointment