Featured Project

Open House Contemporary presents: FRESH SHEET New Work by Erik L. Peterson.

Peterson's work explores today’s sharing economy by activating a new way of observing, experiencing, and “collecting” artwork through site-specific artworks in the three Airbnb apartments that make up Open House Contemporary. Instead of buying a painting, for example, guests interact with (and within) the artworks as a part of their Airbnb experience. The pieces have a contemporary glam attitude that simultaneously encourages the publicizing of private life and the privatization of shared domestic spaces. Included in the price of admission are chauffeured automobile performances, alarm clock selfies, steamy shower apparitions, giant paintings of rumpled post-coital sheets lifted from historical canvases, and interactive neon motel signs. This set of artworks, in fact, only works in the semi-private shared domestic space of the OHC Airbnb apartments. The conceptual art pieces are made specifically for bedrooms, showers, living rooms, and the local city streets. For example, Alarm, a collaboration between Peterson and new media artist Chaz Evans, is a custom-built and programmed alarm clock device that takes a photograph of guests at the moment they wake up in the morning. FRESH SHEET also challenges the model for the art economy, which is based on an anachronistic system where discrete objects are bought and sold. OHC, on the other hand, proposes a model based on the sharing economy, where guests pay a small art fee for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Rather than taking home an object, they take home a story.

Exhibition Dates: April 29 – October 1, 2016
740 N. Ogden, Chicago, IL
Closing Reception: Friday, September 23, 2016; 6–10pm